An investment for the future

An investment in wind power is an inventment in renewable and sustainable energy.  On a long term, a wind turbine produces a stable cash flow and yields returns from day one. 

GreenExtreme intends to erect approx. 20 wind turbines during 2013-2014, on site locations which have a veryfied wind speed with fully consented permits. We are able to offer these turnkey turbines to investors within the private or public sector. Wind power as a production industry is characterized by the possibility to foresee all quantified costs and revenue.  This knowledge enables an investment without unpleasant surprises that generate good returns.

Wind power as an investment has in recent years matured.  The investment is now less front-heavy, the risks are minimized and warranties, insurance and sales of generated electricity is hedged in advance together with the right skills in partnership, creating stable cash flows. Overall, we offer a minimized risk investment to investors, packaged with the right content regardless of their risk profile that gives good returns.

Greenextreme is vendor independent which gives us the possibility that, from a purely financial point of view, are able to establish and erect turbines which provide maximum returns, which we clearly show and have shown for our customers. To procure turbines at the right cost and to minimize the cost of maintenance strengthens the investor’s spreadsheet without for that matter risking maximum availability and guarantees.

Long-term, this creates greater results, which we always think should be in focus. We are fascinated by the possibility of using wind power to create positive long-term investment while reducing carbon emissions and producing environmentally friendly electricity.

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"Med turbinerna under GreenExtremes förvaltning, maximerar jag produktionen i mitt verk till lägsta kostnad. Drift, underhåll och försäkring i en produkt gör att jag sover gott om nätterna."

Jonas Sandberg - Qamcom AB